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Confidential & Non-Disclosure Agreement for Interview Candidates

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Hiring is an important step for any growing business. Whether you work in an Human Resources Department or are a do-it-all business owner and manage the staff yourself, you want to make sure that by interviewing a potential job candidate you do not open yourself up to breaches of confidentiality and/or trade secrets. It is only natural that you offer applicants tours of your facility, explain processes, and the like, so make sure they cannot use that information after the interview to compete with your business.

This lawyer-drafted NDA template is entirely customizable and outlines the expectations as to non-use and non-disclosure of your confidential information, and above all protects what matters to you — your business!

Caution: This is not for current employees, former employees, or contractors.


Steps to Use:

  1. Complete your order in the cart. You will not be required to remit payment — instead, you will receive a subsequent e-mail at the address provided with an invoice from Quickbooks, so your payment information stays secure.
  2. Check your e-mail and pay using the Quickbooks Invoice. Following payment, you will receive another e-mail granting you access to your contract template.
  3. Check your e-mail for the downloadable contract template — you will see a secure link to click.
  4. Download your template.
  5. Customize the document to fit the needs of your business where indicated (usually via highlighted text).
  6. Save the final version and share for execution as necessary.


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