Estate and Succession Planning

Florida Estate Planning Lawyer & Succession Planning Lawyer

As an estate planning lawyer, we understand your goals and concerns, and advise on how to best protect yourself and your loved ones.


Planning for the future can start at any age and when it involves dealing with your estate during your lifetime, it becomes estate planning. This area of law is typically seen as proactive as it involves lots of drafting of legal documents to make sure your wishes are carried out accordingly when you are no longer able to express them yourself, whether due to illness or death. It is where powers of attorney, last will and testaments, or revocable trusts come into play; although not every document is appropriate for every person. Regardless, having a Florida lawyer drafted document can make all the difference, and we can help you, so you have peace of mind.

Similarly, succession planning is about planning for the future. However, where estate planning is individualized, succession planning is for businesses. Employees move on, they retire, they leave organizations, and when they do, businesses need to have a succession plan in place to make sure their future business needs are met. This is the process of honing the development and growth of select individuals to fill critical positions when the time comes. We also assist with this type of future planning for corporate peace of mind.

How we protect your assets

For Estate Planning:

    • Drafting and amending last will and testaments
    • Drafting and amending trusts (revocable and irrevocable)
    • Drafting and amending powers of attorney
    • Drafting advanced directives (living wills)

For Succession Planning:

    • Establishing a succession plan for your business that protects key positions and helps groom employees
    • Evaluating skill sets that are complimentary to foster employee growth
    • Creating development plans


    How we offer cost-effective legal representation

    Packages are bundled services that allow us to offer flat-fee services so there are never any surprises. Our packages include: 

    Estate Planning Package

      • Preparing Last Will and Testament and/or Revocable Living Trust
      • Preparing Power of Attorney
      • Preparing Advanced Health Care Directives

    Starting at $1,000  

    Succession Planning Package

      • Identifying positions in an organizational chart with target positions
      • Establishing skill compliments and job commonalities between target positions and potential feeder positions
      • Determining summary skill sets and interest resumes of incumbents
      • Creating plans for development assignments and program milestones
    Starting at $1,700


    Estate Planning Law & Succession Planning FAQs

    Why do I need a succession plan, and how does it differ from an estate plan?

    An estate plan is a compilation of documents that focus on managing and distributing your personal estate at the time of your death, and a comprehensive one also covers your bases if you become incapacitated during your lifetime. A succession plan is for your business, and this identifies folks who have skill sets that benefits other, top-tier positions in your business. It protects your business if someone, including yourself, retires, falls ill, and/or passes away, so you can avoid a breakdown in its success.


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