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    Our simple virtual solutions to schedule a consultation with an employment attorney, trademark lawyer & small business lawyer.

    HR Legal Logistics understands that your time is precious and when you need help or have a question from an employment attorney, trademark lawyer, or small business lawyer, you want answers. You want easy and accessible solutions. And you deserve that! As a full service law firm, HRLL is proud to offer exactly that in 2 ways — you choose what works best for your situation.

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    Option 1. FREE 1:1 attorney telephone call consultations for prospective clients interested in obtaining legal advice. To schedule this, just click here to get on the calendar.

    Option 2. Alternatively, if you need a more in-depth strategy session, HRLL does that too, but only after learning a bit about your situation. Start by filling out the below Case Evaluation Form with all the details so we can completely evaluate your situation. Then wait to hear from us ‘ check your email in 24 to 48 hours. Behind the scenes we do all the preliminary work in evaluating your matter to see if we can assist, including a conflict check, research on your situation, and prepare your customized legal advice. *If we can help, we will suggest a 1-hour telephone call with the attorney, but it’s up to you if you choose to proceed with the call. But note if you do choose to proceed, then this is outside the realm of our free consultation and moves into our paid 1-hour strategy session, which requires pre-payment of $300. During the strategy session, you will gain legal advise, legal options, and a clear path to move forward, whether with us or on your own.

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