Business Law and New Business Start Up

Florida Business Lawyer

As a business lawyer, we handle all business matters and business start up including help to form an LLC.


Every business venture starts the same way, no matter the size or industry — it starts with great business ideas. From there a startup business needs business licenses, and most times filing articles of organization or incorporation with the Secretary of State. Additionally FEIN numbers or federal tax IDs may need to be requested; and if the organization is a limited liability company, then an LLC operating agreement may be needed, or if it’s a partnership, then a partnership agreement may be needed. Regardless of the specifics, businesses need a lot of attention to get off the ground, and we can help you, so you can focus on what you want to do — grow your new business.

Regardless of when (or how) a business was formed, we can also help established businesses since we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and their needs. How? We can serve as outside general counsel, handling corporate governance and contracts or policies — whether as big as a commercial contract or as simple as a privacy policy for your website. We also can protect your brand by managing your intellectual property registrations.


How we help protect your business and your brand

For Established Small Businesses & Mid-sized Businesses:

    • Structuring, formulating, and dissolving business entities (i.e., corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships) on Florida’s Division of Corporations
    • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial contracts
    • Managing corporate governance (i.e. bylaws, etc.)
    • Filing intellectual property applications for trademark (national and state) and copyright
    • Serving as outside general counsel
    • Ensuring legal compliance
    • Providing website privacy policies and terms and conditions
    • Assisting with hiring employees or independent contractors
    • Preparing business-specific agreements, such as:
      • Shareholders Agreements
      • Operating Agreements
      • Compensation Agreements
      • Confidentiality Agreements
      • Licensing and Distribution Agreements
      • Purchase Agreements (products and services)
      • Consulting Agreements
      • Manufacturers Representative/Sales Agent/Dealer Agreements
      • Equipment Lease Agreements

For New Businesses:

    • Setting up new business entities, including completing license applications, verifying name availability, drafting operating agreements or bylaws, and establishing core values
    • Assisting with hiring employees or independent contractors
    • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial contracts and agreements
    • Providing website privacy policies and terms and conditions


How we offer cost-effective legal representation

Packages are bundled services that allow us to offer flat-fee services so there are never any surprises. Our packages include:

New Business Set-up Package

    • Deciding which entity type is best (corporation or LLC)
    • Reviewing entity name availability with the federal & state trademark office and registries, as well as common law usage
    • Filing for federal tax identification number (“EIN”)
    • Filing for Florida Department of Corporations new entity
    • Preparing applications for city and county Business Tax Receipts (“BTR”)
    • Drafting Operating Agreement or Bylaws
    • Drafting Power of Attorney
    • Customizing core values

Starting at $2,500

Trademark Package

    • Conducting extensive common law and registered mark searches
    • Preparing written advisements on protectability and availability
    • Filing USPTO mark applications
    • Preparing Office Action rejection responses, as applicable

Starting at $1,200

Copyright Package

    • Filing for copyright registration
    • Preparing demand letter and/or take-down notice, as applicable
    • Preparing or reviewing settlement agreement, as applicable

Starting at $800


Business Law FAQs

Why do I need a business lawyer?

A business lawyer can help protect you and your business by reducing your risk. It’s the idea of being proactive and not reactive to lawsuits. A business lawyer can help ensure your business is legally compliant with local, state and federal laws.


Before starting a business, should I talk to a lawyer?

You can easily start a business on your own, but talking with a lawyer before doing so can help reduce your risk of exposure. For example, we counsel clients on the different types of entities to make sure they choose the right one for their new venture. Among other things, we also do an extensive trademark search to make sure the name you are planning on using for your new business is available for use. Talking to a lawyer can save you hundreds of hours and dollars later to fix formation issues.


What type of lawyer should I talk to before starting a business?

Ideally you’d want to consult with a business lawyer to make sure you’re selecting the right entity type, a business name not already in use, and properly completing your license paperwork with the state and your local county and city.


How do I know if my business needs an operating agreement?

Only limited liability entities need an operating agreement. Even those with one owner/member should have an operating agreement. It’s like having one with yourself, but it helps formalize the entity.


What is the difference between an operating agreement and bylaws?

An operating agreement is the formalization of a limited liability entity that outlines the membership, management, compensation, as well as other important details related to the entity. Meanwhile bylaws are similar, but are necessary for corporations, and can be in a short or long version, depending on the details included. We draft both of these documents for clients forming new entities, or those who previously formed an entity and are now ready formalize it.


What contracts should I have drafted to start my business?

There is no one size fits all as this really depends on the type of business you have. Some businesses may need independent contractor agreements, and others may need employee agreements. Some may need vendor or distributor contracts, some may not need either. Other examples may be nondisclosure or noncompetes. It all depends on your business needs, but we can help figure that out during either a consultation or strategy session.


Contact a Florida business lawyer & intellectual property attorney

Contact HR Legal Logistics to find out how he can help you. You can contact the law firm and speak to a business attorney by phone at (561) 480.0779 or by text at (561) 571.8921. You can also contact us by requesting a consultation on this website to schedule an appointment and learn more about Florida Business Law, New Business Formation & Trademarks and Copyrights.