The Great Resignation: Tips every employee should consider before resigning

The Great Resignation: Tips every employee should consider before resigning

“Is there something greater out there?” That’s a question many workers are asking themselves these days. For those who held onto their jobs during the pandemic, perhaps even jobs they wished they didn’t have at the time, now they are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. They can move on to greener pastures.... if there are any. One will only know if they ask themselves if there is something greater out there. And if they feel there is, we will see a wave of what is being dubbed The Great Resignation.

But first, workers should consider a few factors before resigning, which are:

1. What does the future look like? Will you be opening a business or applying for jobs elsewhere? If opening a business, consider talking to a business formation or employment attorney to discuss everything that entails - it’s always better to start off on the right foot than having to work backward. And if applying for jobs elsewhere, remember you will have to list your most recent job, possibly even for a reference, so when leaving don’t burn bridges as they say.

2. What does your current employer’s handbook say about payouts on benefits like vacations, sick leave, personal time, or even bonuses?

3. Do you have a current statement detailing your retirement benefits like pensions, 401(k)s, IRAs and the like?

4. What does your current employer say regarding COBRA health insurance?

5. Do you have all your work-issues technology and tools, or uniforms, collected so you may return them upon departure?

6. Are you restricted from working in a competing business or an industry vis-à-vis a non-compete? Have you signed an employment, confidentiality or NDA agreement; and if so what do those documents say? Sometimes having a licensed lawyer review them is the best protection because you’ll have assurances of your continuing obligations after leaving the company.