Happy employees show increased productivity

Increase Employee Morale to Increase Productivity

Today let’s turn to boosting employee morale. I want to share an excerpt from our e-book Morale is Key: A Manager’s Guide to Increasing Productivity.

“The six most important questions applicable in nearly every situation begin with when, what, where, why, who, and how. These questions are taught to everyone at an early age. Asking questions makes humans the inquisitive species that we are known to be. These questions are asked in this order up until a certain point in time—a time when the clock is ticking, and the need for answers to some of those questions slowly fade into the background. Answers seem less important. In the business world, however, one question persists. Managers focus on the one question that is going to help them cross things off their mile long to-do list, and that is when.

“When is your employee going to get that paperwork on your desk or in your inbox? When is your employee going to finish training your new hire? When are those risk assessments going to get completed? It's a list of things to do that is so long that you feel like it can be wrapped around the globe. Well, now ask yourself this question: Is putting pressure on yourself and your employees boosting productivity or hindering it?

“Employees are pushed to their limits every day, trying to do the best job they can, and cross off as much from their to-do list as possible. But somewhere in that eight-hour (or longer) day of hustle and bustle, managers lose sight of the people behind the pile of work. Psychology has indicated that the key to productivity is satisfied employees—those happy and recognized in their work.

“Positive psychology is the concept of caring for your individual well-being and being fulfilled in all aspects of your life, including work.

“Good simply isn't good enough. It's the idea that you don't just want to survive, you want to thrive. Now, ask yourself this: As a manager, is there anything you can do to help your employees thrive in the workplace? Maybe you can help your employees thrive by doing something as simple as making sure they feel recognized. Maybe it's something a bit more involved, like making sure they know you appreciate them. But whatever it is, it can be done. Just taking those steps to make your employees' work lives more fruitful will make all the difference. Remember it's the small things that make the largest impact.”


Morale is Key: A Manager’s Guide to Increasing Productivity was written to offer useful tools to increase productivity from a psychology perspective. It is broken into three parts: (1) Practice mindfulness to help yourself and help your employees; (2) Overcoming the negative; and (3) Boosting team morale. Each part provides keys to success, examples, explanations, and action plans. Check it out in our shop or from your favorite e-book retailer - third-party buy links below.

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