How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business

You’ve done it, you’ve resigned from your job. You think to yourself you no longer want to deal with managers or bosses, so you’ll start your own business. You’re well-equipped for it, have the experience and knowledge and are ready to take the leap. But before you can start accepting work, you must first file the appropriate documents with the state and local government. Navigating the process is a minefield if you don’t know what to expect, but with these tips you will be well on your way. Caveat: A licensed attorney like myself can help you through this, making it even easier on your end!

First you will want to check to make sure the new business name you selected is available for use. Then file for a state license on, but make sure you know the type of entity you want — corporation, limited liability, partnership, or sole proprietorship; there are pros and cons to each type.

Once the state approves your filing, make sure you have the appropriate document in place for yourself — for example, corporations use bylaws and limited liability companies use operating agreements.

Request a federal tax identification number so you don’t have to use your social security number for the new entity.

Evaluate whether you need to file with the Department of Revenue or Department of Business & Professional Regulation. 

Register for a city business license (called a business tax receipt) and then a county business license (also a business tax receipt).

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