Employee Handbook Must-Haves

Employee Handbook Must-Haves

Employee handbooks are one of the most useful tools a business can have, no matter the size or number of employees. Handbooks lay out the policies, expectations, and send a general message to new employees about the company - what is its culture, its values, and how will they treat me. Too often though businesses don’t think they are necessary, finding them cumbersome, too structured, or too much work to compile. However, a little bit of work early on can protect a business later.

We encourage all our business clients to have an employee handbook, even if they want to create it themselves, compiling policies they have implemented as standalone over the years. Although having a lawyer draft it takes the guesswork out of it - there will be no doubt it is lawful and in compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

For any business, whether they choose to do it themselves or hire a firm to draft it, we have compiled a list of our 12 must-haves. These are the 12 policies that we believe need to be addressed in every handbook. The beauty of these policies is that they can be customized, in most cases, to fit the needs and scope of the business.

To learn more, check out our YouTube video where we list them >>> https://youtu.be/IfjjC93m2v8

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