10 Tips to Make Your Job Openings Appeal to Millennials

10 Tips to Make Your Job Openings Appeal to Millennials

In today’s world, with technology and social media taking over, more and more businesses are turning to those trendy outlets to advertise for jobs. While job hunters of all ages have been receptive to these new avenues of looking and applying for jobs, it is no secret that millennials are the biggest audience of these sources. Most millennials admit to checking their feeds and phones first thing in the morning, even before they get out of bed, so they are some of the first to see new posts, including job advertisements. But just how can you engage them to be interested in the job you’re hiring for? Because let’s face it, just as much as you may eventually be interviewing them, they are interviewing (read: judging) you and the business as well. These 10 tips have been compiled by a millennial to help you engage other millennials to get them interested in the job, the business, and the hiring process.

1.  Show millennials what the business has done, can do, and will do. Millennials will be more interested in seeing how they fit in and can make their mark. 

2.  Engaging millennials through the use of logic, credibility, and emotion will convey the legitimacy of the position. Known as the modes of persuasion, these three appeals will persuade millennials to pursue a future with the company.

3.  Adaptation is important, knowing what works and being willing to try something new. Millennials want to see that businesses can accept their ideas and evolve with the times.

4.  Don’t discriminate or favor one characteristic over another. Millennials want to know that everybody is treated as an equal.

5.  Show millennials what the company is made of, whether it involves being innovative or task-oriented. Show them who you are (i.e., core values) and make sure it resonates throughout the office otherwise they will walk away with their own perceptions and assumptions (which could be dangerous because they don’t want to judge, but they will).

6.  It’s not all about the money for millennials. Extend unique opportunities and benefits to employees, such as wellness initiatives, corporate retreats, team-building activities, and so on.

7.  Having a charitable footprint is important for millennials because it’s not just about growing a business, but changing the world. Care just as much about the environment outside of the office as inside. Hands-on work is just as good as fundraisers, as long as whatever it is supports a worthy cause. 

8.  Millennials want to know that those whom they surround themselves with see them as a person, their hard work and determination, what makes them who they are.

9.  Technology is progressing, and millennials love it, but they also want to see that company’s don’t lose the human touch. Relying too heavily on technology guarantees there is no place for the heart that millennials want to feel and give to what they do.

10.  Show that qualifications and hard work are important, not just the defaults of favoritism or seniority. Millennials want to hear words of affirmation, see rewards, and feel appreciated.

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