HR Legal Logistics: A Support System, A Law Firm

We are not just a law firm. We are consultants — a support system. YOUR support system. We offer traditional legal services, bundled services, and downloadable products for those interested in more modern legal support at an affordable rate. Everything you need in one place — check us out, we think you’ll like what you see. We are always updating and innovating, so bookmark this page and check back often.

  • Florida law firm

    We Represent Clients in Florida

    Do you have a Florida business that would benefit from outside general counsel? HR Legal Logistics prides itself on its ability to competently serve clients in the areas of HR and employment law (federal law and state law) for employers, as well as related services for businesses, such as contracting drafting and contract review. Our vast scope of services for businesses makes us the ideal outside general counsel. Contact our Florida law firm to speak with the employment attorney and human resources management counsel.

  • Law firm counseling of clients who need legal advice

    We Offer Counseling

    Not every client benefits from a full service law firm acting, but rather prefers to have a licensed lawyer in their corner, guiding them and providing advice behind the scenes — and we do that too because every client matters to us. We strive to answer every question and map out the ideal, and legal, solution for every issue so clients can “go it alone” — and sometimes that means preparing the tools and resources for clients to handle things themselves. Client satisfaction is paramount. Let our Florida employment lawyer and HR lawyer be the support you need.

Knowledge to Help You Avoid Employment Issues

We handle all aspects of compliance issues, including training and drafting employee handbooks and policies.

We provide employment law advice, human resources consulting, and on-demand workplace training on all aspects of employee relations and workplace laws, and create personnel policies to effectively reduce the risk of litigation and liability.

We develop procedural guidelines for human resources departments and create a variety of template forms, including employment offer letters, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, leave of absence forms, performance evaluation forms, counseling forms, performance improvement plans, and HR toolkits for employers.

How It All Started

“I’ve been there. Sure, today I’m a lawyer, but I’m also an entrepreneur with years of managerial experience. I’ve worked in HR. I’ve had my share of headaches (and then some !). I’ve seen the inside of a courtroom, I had a seat in big law (for all of about sixty seconds !), I worked in-house for a growing corporation. All that showed me exactly what I didn’t want. There’s been lots of great experiences teaching me ‘what not to do’ and I’ve taken all that and created HR Legal Logistics using just 3 principles for a better law firm experience. What are they? 1. HR should just handle HR. 2. Being proactive is better than being reactive. 3. All clients should be valued. I cannot wait for you to see the difference and appreciate it as much as I do. . . . Talk soon!” -Attorney Amanda

HR Should Just Handle Human Resources

HR Departments are often the catch all — the unofficial lawyer, the event planner, the teacher, the marketing guru, the peacemaker, the detective, the psychologist, and more! That puts way too much pressure on HR Professionals. They can no longer focus on their core objective:  To serve the employees while also serving the needs of the business. We help parse through all that extra “work” and take some of the pressure off. Let us guide you through the legal, advise on managing employees, investigate complaints, and respond to employee issues. We’ll act as an extension of your department and you’ll never imagine how you got through the daily grind without us!

Being Proactive is Better than Being Reactive

Nobody needs the headaches that come with addressing problems. It’s true, they crop up every once in a while, but you can reduce that likelihood by being prepared. And for that very simple reason we believe it’s better to stop them before they even get off the ground. That takes being proactive and implementing preventative measures. There’s no reason to wait for your first lawsuit or charge of discrimination to come across your desk before engaging with legal counsel. It’s not scary (we promise !) and you’ll be glad you hired a lawyer when you did because you’ll have someone in your corner when you least expect it. And if it’s us, then hopefully those headaches will never hit.

All Clients Should Be Valued

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a medium-sized business. It doesn’t matter if you need one project or keep us on speed dial for repeat calls or requests. We value all our clients just the same by giving everyone dedicated attorney attention, offering flexible fee structures, and sticking to timely turnarounds on requests (more on this below). So take a leap and see what it’s like to be valued for your business (Spoiler Alert:  It feels GREAT !), we cannot wait to talk to you.

Let’s Talk!

How We Value Our Clients

Dedicated Attorney Attention

With a full support staff at the firm to handle all the behind the scenes work, it enables the focus to always be on what matters most — you, the client.

Flexible Fee Structures

Respecting the value of a budget, fee structures are set to allow for flexibility, which is why we offer packages, accept credit cards, and prefer flat fees.

Timely Turnaround

There is no reason for delay when the course of action is clear, and each file is managed in a timely manner, reducing your need to wait because your time is important.

Experience the Difference

Our Law Firm Resources

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As a virtual law firm, we’re there for you when it matters, just head over to the Contact page for more and to schedule your case evaluation or appointment. Areas of practice include employment and human resources law. Click through for a full list of services, because your future success starts with you!