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    Do you have a Florida business that would benefit from outside general counsel? HR Legal Logistics prides itself on its ability to competently serve clients in the areas of employment law (federal law and state law), business law, new business formation, trademarks and copyrights, as well as contracts. Our vast scope of services for businesses makes us the ideal outside general counsel. Contact our Florida law firm today to speak with the employment attorney, human resources management counsel, and business lawyer.

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    We Offer Counseling

    Not every client benefits from a full service firm acting as outside general counsel, but rather prefers to have someone in their corner, guiding them and providing advice behind the scenes. We strive to answer every question and best map out the ideal, and legal, solution for every issue so clients may “go it alone” — and sometimes that means preparing the tools and resources for clients to handle them themselves. Let our Florida employment lawyer and small business lawyer be the support you need.

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The Benefit of Experienced Counsel

Starting and managing a business is not easy and success does not happen overnight. HR Legal Logistics’ specialty is Human Resources! But that didn’t happen overnight either — it was only with years of legal, managerial and entrepreneurial experience, guiding both employers and employees. As a result, HRLL can help you with what you and your business need — and protect what matters!

Working with trusted legal counsel to represent you and your case

Form Trusted Legal Relationships

Your time is invaluable, which is why HR Legal Logistics prides itself on effectively handling your matter and offering exceptional communication. Client satisfaction is the priority. Through excellent customer service HRLL strives to live up to its name — being Honorable and Reliable in the coordination of a complex operation of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow of matters related to the law. HRLL strives to obtain a resolution of client matters in a professional and cost-effective manner.

How We Value Our Clients

Dedicated Attorney Attention

With a full support staff at the firm to handle all the behind the scenes work, it enables the focus to always be on what matters most — you, the client.

Flexible Fee Structures

Respecting the value of a budget, fee structures are set to allow for flexibility, which is why we offer packages, accept credit cards, and prefer flat fees.

Timely Turnaround

There is no reason for delay when the course of action is clear, and each file is managed in a timely manner, reducing your need to wait because your time is important.

Your Preferred Virtual Law Firm

As a virtual law firm, HRLL is there for you when it matters, just head over to the Contact page for more and to schedule your case evaluation or appointment. Areas of practice include employment and human resources law, business law and new business start-up, contracts and more! HRLL represents clients in Florida. Click through for a full list of services. Because your future success starts with you!

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